14 May 2017

An Ode to the Opera Mom ~ Happy Mother’s Day!

The opera mom is not just any mom!
She has powers of sympathy and victory beyond all others.
She is the mom who will listen not only to your complaints and problems
but also all the sour notes you hit when you practice.

She’ll say you’re amazing when all you have is tears from one mistake in an aria.
She knows you’re hard on yourself because you strive for perfection
and she also knows your lazy sometimes because perfection is so hard to achieve.

The opera mom is a brave mom!
She worries with scores of other opera moms equally afraid.
Her baby has chosen to brave the arts as singer, musician, poet,
or God forbid, a composer.

She cheers you in auditions, rehearsals, and performances.
She’ll say the stupidest things just to make you laugh when you’re frustrated.
“With a voice like yours, you’ll probably break Facebook!”

Oh, Opera mom, you rarified goddess!
Only you know about the hours of trying to sound like Callas
Only you know what Glyndebourne is and why I need to go!
Only you have accepted this part of my soul completely.

One day when I sing at the Metropolitan Opera it is you I will thank!
For outfits, lessons, scores, and books! For rides, trips, and foreign language study.
You took my dream and made it your own! From heart to soul and back again!

Oh, Opera Mom, you’re one of a kind and not just me, but many, are grateful for you!
XXOO and TOIX3 for life! #momknows