05 March 2016


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The reviews are in, and Dead Man Walking is blowing everyone away!  But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews yourself.  If you don’t already have your tickets for Sunday, there are still a few seats left.

Saw it on opening night?  Join us again for this amazing experience, or pass this on to friends or family.

At the center of the production are mezzo-soprano Jennifer Rivera and baritone Michael Mayes, who offer a pair of the most intensive performances New Orleans Opera audiences have encountered in years. – Theodore P. Mahne, | The Times-Picayune

But star billing, if any is to be cited, would have to go to mezzo Margaret Lattimore, who, in her limited role as DeRocher’s mother, has the two arias that best fit the conventional definition of the word. ‘Gut-wrenching’ is the description that comes most readily to mind. – Dean M. Shapiro | Special to The Advocate

New Orleans Opera Association delivered one of their most enjoyable and accessible production in years. With the prison at Angola as a setting, lyrics written in English, polished performances, a famed film as source material, and a controversial topic, Dead Man Walking filled the formula for an instant hit in NOLA. –

Bravo to the Association!  May we now begin to see other important works of the last century neglected locally until now.  It is up to you, the public.  Ask, and ye shall receive. – Brian Morgan, Opera Critic