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Cinderella 2014

Art’s Chat with François Le Roux, click to listen



Art’s Chat with Luretta Bybee, click to listen.




François Le Roux - Cinderella - Pandolfe

Art’s Chat with François Le Roux – Click below to listen.


Luretta Bybee - Cinderella - Mme De la Haltiere

Art’s Chat with Luretta Bybee – Click below to listen.


Rebecca Ringle - Cinderella - Dorothee - cROPPED

Art’s Chat with Rebecca Ringle – Click below to listen.

Noah’s Flood 2013

The Vampire 2013

Madame Butterfly 2013


Maria Kanyova – Cio-Cio San (Madame Butterfly)



Margaret Thompson – Suzuki





Tomer Zvulun – Director


Samson and Delilah 2013


Edyta Kulczak – Delilah



Greer Grimsley – High Priest



Joel Colman – Old Hebrew



Carol Rausch – Chorus Master