07 March 2012

Opera for Beginners

An informative article from season ticket holder Constance Cowart.

Opera for Beginners

by Constance Cowart

If black ties and formal evening gowns appear in your head on the mention of the word “opera,” then chances are, you’re not familiar with this misunderstood and intimidating, yet beautiful and captivating art form.

If you’ve read thus far, chances are you’re willing to give opera a chance, and I’m delighted to lead you there!

First, the basics. What is opera?

Simply, an opera is a performance in which singers – wonderful, fabulous, beautiful singers – tell a story accompanied by an orchestra with scenery – wonderful, fabulous, beautiful scenery – acting, costumes and sometimes dance. People from all walks of life enjoy this unique and inspiring form of entertainment. Although opera is often erroneously associated with the upper echelon of society, it does not require a college degree to appreciate. It doesn’t matter whether you have a Ph.D. or a grammar school education. Chances are, if you’re willing to buy a ticket to the opera, you’re bound for the deep emotions and immense enjoyment opera provides.  (more)