Student Ticket Order Form

March 7, 2018
7:00 PM

PLEASE NOTE:  Our Preview Performances are funded in part by foundation and corporate grants, many of which stipulate certain criteria when they are awarded.  One of the primary stipulations is that the funds be applied to the cost of providing students with an opera experience.  Because of that stipulation, we try maximize the number of students attending these performances.


Therefore, we must ask you to limit the number of adults in your group to one per 5 children. You will note that the tickets are color coded and contain a barcode so that we may monitor this information. Adults will be admitted only if they have an orange ticket. Students – Blue or Green If your student participation is less than you anticipated, then your chaperone number should decrease, as well.

Please order only the number of tickets you actually need at the time of the order.
If you need additional tickets closer to the date, just send in a second order.  This helps assure us that there will be fewer unused tickets.  Tickets returned on the evening of the student preview cannot be re-issued and this means that another individual may not be able to attend.

(We reserve the right to reduce the number of tickets ordered if the school is found to have over-ordered tickets in the past.)

Note: Please distribute your tickets, the Box Office is not staffed to perform this function at the performance.

Please enter the information requested and either email your ticket request to or fax it to us at 504-529-7668.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL IN YOUR ORDER. Use this form to order tickets/make changes, etc.

Orders should be submitted at least 2 weeks before the preview for the production.