When you pledge annual support at or above $4000, you become a Mastersigner! This group of major donors has been a crucial element of New Orleans Opera’s annual individual support for over 30 years.

Mastersigners are eligible for many VIP benefits throughout the season:

  • Free parking for opera performances
  • VIP champagne receptions at intermission
  • Special parties with the stars of each production
  • The annual Director’s Dinner at Windsor Court Hotel
  • Dress rehearsal passes

To pledge your Mastersigner support for this season, contact Director of Development Bart Folse at (504) 267-9532. Make your pledge now to receive all possible benefits for the coming season!

A message from the Mastersigner Co-Chairs

As Mastersigners Co-Chairs, we are delighted to welcome you to the 2016-17 season of the New Orleans Opera Association.

The Mastersigners are a group of opera lovers committed to the financial stability of the New Orleans Opera. Although our membership has now grown to over 100 members, we strive to further our growth in support of our opera company. Growth of the New Orleans Opera Association depends on the generosity of current and new Mastersigners who are determined that this marvelous art form will continue to prosper in New Orleans in future years.

Let us thank all of our current donors for their continued support and dedication to opera. To our new members, thanks and welcome to our family!


Ted & Louise Martin
Mastersigner Co-Chairs


New Orleans Opera Association is grateful to the following for their ongoing and consistent generosity to our company:

Platinum Circle ($20,000+)

Mrs. Adelaide Wisdom Benjamin

Drs. Emel Songu & Ranney Mize

Mr. & Mrs. Rawley M. Penick III

Mr. J. Robert Pope

Mr. John G. Turner & Mr. Jerry G. Fischer

Mrs. Debra Hirsch Wood

Gold Circle ($10,000+) The Maestro Circle

Drs. Nicolas & Haydee Bazan

Mr. Arthur A. Crais Jr.

Mrs. Betty Brooks Doss

Mr. & Mrs. Erik F. Johnsen

Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Martin

Dr. Andrew Orestano

Drs. Rand & Terry Voorhies

Mr. Joseph Young Jr. & Dr. Aysen Young

Mr. Jerry W. Zachary & Mr. Henry Bernstein

Sustaining Mastersigners ($6,000+)

Mr. & Mrs. J. Scott Chotin Jr.

Mr. Emmet Geary Jr.

Jay Gulotta & Susan Talley

Mr. Donald I. Levy

Mr. Dwayne O. Littauer

Dr. & Mrs. William M. Meyers Jr.

Dr. Carolyn Prickett

Prof. Cynthia A. Samuel

Mastersigners ($4,000+)


Drs. Hernan Bazan & Jasmine Elison

Carole B. & Kenneth J. Boudreaux

Mr. Peter R. Brigandi Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Bruno

Mr. E. John Bullard III

Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Capritto

Dr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Dowling

Dr. & Mrs. Charles L. Dupin

Mr. & Mrs. John Eckholdt

Dr. & Mrs. John Fraiche

Mr. & Mrs. Keith B. Hall

Mr. & Mrs. Allain Hardin

Ms. Adrea D. Heebe

Dr. Nina M. Kelly

Mr. & Mrs. V. Price LeBlanc Jr.

James & Elizabeth Landis

Dr. & Mrs. W. Kenneth Mann Jr.

Ms. Sonya Moore

Mr. Harold C. Patin & Ms. Carol Allen

Lawrence & Nina Pugh

Susan and Vern Raburn

Karen and Leopold Sher

Ivan M. Sherman, MD & Mark C. Ledet

Jane & William Sizeler

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Stacey IV

Eleanor & Philip Straub

Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Strub

Mr. & Mrs. James Swanson

Mrs. Phyllis M. Taylor

Mrs. Catherine B. Tremaine

Mr. Hugo C. Wedemeyer

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Willeford

Mr. George H. Wilson Jr.


Special acknowledgement to Mr. Joseph Young Jr.

for founding the Mastersigners in 1981