About the Marigny Opera Ballet

Founded in 2014, the Marigny Opera Ballet is a professional contemporary ballet company based in the Marigny Opera House of New Orleans. The Company employs New Orleans-based dancers and choreographers, and is funded by the non-profit Marigny Opera House Foundation. Over the years the Ballet has won acclaim for its seasons, productions, and numerous premieres, including the Gambit’s Big Easy Award for Outstanding Dance Ensemble in 2018 and 2020.

Dancers: Gretchen Erickson, Joshua Bell, Lauren Guynes, Lauren Ashlee Messina, Aaron Wiggins, Elle C. Jones, Jefther Osorio, Sara Radka, Justin Prescott, and Arden McKee.

Company Director: Dave Hurlbert

Ballet Master: Jarina Carvalho

Technical Director: Wesley Strain

Wardrobe Director: Brooke Sauvage

Business Manager: Evan Hammond

Executive Director Marigny Opera House: Dave Hurlbert