The New Orleans Opera


To enrich the lives of all people by producing opera of the highest artistic quality and providing education opportunities through traditional and innovative approaches.


Our vision is connecting all people with the joy of opera.

Board of Directors

Mr. Dwayne O. Littauer, President
Ms. Sonya Moore, Vice-President
Mr. Emmet Geary, Treasurer
Ms. Penny Baumer, Development Officer
Mr. Edward F. Martin, Secretary
Immediate Past President – Mr. James C. Gulotta, Jr.

Mrs. Penny Baumer
Dr. Nicolas Bazan
Mrs. Adelaide Wisdom Benjamin
Mr. Dorian Bennett
Mr. Peter Brigandi
Mrs. Betty Brooks
Mr. Joseph Bruno
Ms. Luretta Bybee
Mr. Vance Ceaser
Mr. A. J. Capritto
Mrs. Mary Chapman Albert
Mrs. Serafina Charbonnet
Mr. Arthur Crais
Dr. Patrick J. Dowling
Mrs. Diane S. Dupin
Mr. Emmet Geary Jr.
Mr. James C. Gulotta Jr.
Ms. Pauline Hardin
Ms. Adrea Heebe
Mrs. Rania Khodr
Mrs. Christine LeBlanc
Mr. Dwayne Littauer
Mr. Edward F. Martin
Mr. Jonathan C. McCall
Dr. R. Ranney Mize
Ms. Sonya Moore
Ms. Ann Owens
Mr. James Robert Pope
Prof. Cynthia Samuel
Mr. Leopold Z. Sher
Mr. I. William Sizeler
Mr. Alfred E. Stacey IV
Mrs. Harry C. (Claire) Stahel
Mr. Philip Straub
Ms. Catherine Burns Tremaine
Dr. Rand Voorhies
Mr. James F. Willeford
Ms. Debby Hirsch Wood
Mr. Joseph Young

Mrs. Sonda Stacey
President, Women’s Guild

Ms. Amanda Credeur
Mr. Michael Roussel
Ms. Bianca Spears
Co-Chairs, Sylvain Society

Opera Staff

General and Artistic Director
Clare Burovac, 504-267-9527
Director of Operations
Gina Klein, 504-267-9527
Technical Director
Keith Christopher, 504-529-2278 ext. 321
Director of Development
Joanna Sternberg, 504-267-9526
Director of Production
Sarah McCall, 504-267-9531
Chorus Master / Music Administrator
Carol Rausch, 504-267-9522
Director of Public Relations & Marketing
Janet Wilson, 504-267-9525
Patron Services Manager
Devin Johnson, 504-267-9521
support group liaison
Jenny Chapman, 504-267-9534
Marketing Coordinator
Dylan Trần
Covid Officer
Emily Barber
Director Emeritus
Robert Lyall

Advisory Board

Mr. Dale C. Biggers
Mrs. Virgene Biggers
Mrs. Margie Breeden
Ms. Elizabeth “Liz” Glaser Broekman
Ms. Michelle Butler
Dr. Mark Caldwell
Mrs. Eileen Capritto
Mr. Edgar Chase
Mrs. Kathy Christian
Hon. Jacquelyn B. Clarkson
Mrs. Loretta Corbett
Ms. Joan Coulter
Dr. R.W. Culver
Mrs. Thomas S. Davidson
Mrs. Monique R. Gougisha Doucette
Mrs. Betsy Dowling
Mr. Brooke Duncan
Dr. Charles L. Dupin
Ms. Marlene Duronslet
Mr. Elroy W. Eckhardt
Mr. Tim Fields
Mrs. Donna Fraiche
Mrs. Melissa Mason Gordon
Ms. Amanda Green
Mr. Douglas Grundmeyer
Mr. Timothy Hemphill
Mr. Neuville Hotstream
Hon. Bernette J. Johnson
Ms. Givonna Joseph
Ms. Rose LeBreton
Ms. Lisa Leone
Mr. Frank Maselli
Mrs. Gail McKenna
Dr. Jane Cagan Miller
Mrs. Cindi Mistrot
Mr. Brian Monk
Mrs. Pat Murrell
Mr. Ernest L. O’Bannon
Dr. Andrew Orestano
Mr. Mark Otts
Prof. Amy Pfrimmer
Ms. Ashley Pradel
Dr. Alan E. Sheen
Mrs. Sonda Stacey
Ms. Rebecca Thomson
Dr. Peter M. Tufton
Dr. Aysen Young

H. Lloyd Hawkins Scenic Studio

3020 Lausat St, Metairie, LA 70001

A History of Opera in New Orleans

By Jack Belsom

New Orleans Opera Archives in the Louisiana Digital Library

Loyola University New Orleans