2020 Education Virtual

Classroom Projects – Intermediate

Create an Opera Scene from Home!

We are replacing our in-class engagements with an engaging program, where the students learn about singing, opera history, and then, they create their own opera scenes at home. We will provide a step by step manual – written at a 6th grade level for accessibility – as well as an accompanied video that leads them through the project with physical and vocal exercises. The goal is to have them film their scenes at home, and then, via google classroom, they’ll send them to us. We edit these videos into one short clip and then we’ll share it back with the class for a GRAND FINALE!

Students can create scenes from the following famous operas:

  • Rigoletto
  • The Barber of Seville
  • The Pirates of Penzance
  • The Marriage of Figaro
  • The Valkyrie
  • Madama Butterfly
  • The Magic Flute

This program can be used any way you see fit!

You can make it a part of the curriculum, you can use it for extra credit, you can choose only one opera for everyone to focus on, or you can do all of them. It is entirely up to you. We built the program for students to distribute throughout an academic week – every day building on the skills from the previous day- requiring only about 15 minutes a day.


William Mouat and Taylor Ott

Usage fee: $500.00

There are discounts available to qualifying schools. Please reach out directly to Dr. William Mouat to discuss terms and how to apply for a discount or if you have questions about your order.