Opera at Home

Emmie and Harry’s

What is that?

Direct from their Facebook page, Emmie and Harry’s is…

… an online cabaret club, in collaboration with Opera On Tap NYC, created to 1) provide performance opportunities for artists, and 2) provide access to live performances for audiences, while 3) supporting social distancing mandates during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Our number one priority is supporting the mental and emotional well-being of performing artists and the public at large by providing ongoing performance opportunities during these highly unusual times, what with the closure of physical venues and limitations imposed on public gatherings worldwide.We hope to create a top-notch temporary space where audiences can still attend a cultural event from the safety and comfort of their own homes, with all the warmth, social vibrancy, and highest quality artistry of a physical performance space.

And we love it…join the group to see the performances by clicking the box.