Four Operas Campaign

We wish to thank the following individuals who have contributed to a special Four Operas Campaign organized by Mr. Edward F. Martin. It is because of his leadership and the contributions of these donors that we are able to present our 2020-21 season. 

Mr.* and Mrs. Herschel Abbott

Mr. Peter R. Brigandi Jr.

Mr. Mark Caldwell

Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Capritto

Mr. Vance Ceaser

Ms. Kathy Christian

Mr. Donald Clement

Mr. Arthur A. Crais Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Dupin

Mr. Tim Fields

Prof. Robert Force

Mr. Emmet Geary Jr.

Jay Gulotta and Susan Talley

Pauline and Allain Hardin

Ms. Adrea D. Heebe

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Erik F. Johnsen

Mr. and Mrs. V. Price LeBlanc Jr.

Mr. Dwayne O. Littauer

Mr. Edward F. Martin

Mr. Jonathan McCall

Drs. Emel Songu and Ranney Mize

Mrs. Louise H. Moffett

Ms. Sonya Moore

Ms. Ann Owens

Mr. Vernon Palmer

Mr. J. Robert Pope*

Nina and Lawrence Pugh

Mr. Robert Redfearn

Prof. Cynthia A. Samuel

Ron Scalise and Sally Richardson

Karen and Leopold Sher

Jane and William Sizeler

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Charles Stahel

Eleanor and Philip Straub

Mr. Howard Thompson

Mrs. Catherine Burns Tremaine

The Honorable Janis van Meerveld

Drs. Rand and Terry Voorhies

Mr. and Mrs. James Willeford

Jerry W. Zachary* and Henry Bernstein