Introducing The New Orleans Opera Ambassadors!

The Ambassadors pictured above: Top row, I-r: Alan Gandolfi, Janet Wilson, Claudia Copeland; Center row, l-r: Carol Rausch, Dylan Trần, Mark Anthony Thomas; Bottom row, l-r: Tony Domino, Zara Zemmels.

Social Media.

It’s here to stay!

Billions of dollars are spent every year studying marketing metrics on social media. Most everyone spending this money is eager to find out, “Who out here is interested in us?”

That question and our eagerness to find all potential audience members led us to develop the New Orleans Opera Ambassador program. Word-of-mouth outreach from those who genuinely care about a cause is far more effective for organizational exposure and growth than any amount of money.

If you are reading this, you are among those we invite to help us with this effort.
  • Like us on all social media outlets and share our stories and event information with a personalized comment.
  • Use this hashtag to follow along with the Ambassadors, artists, and staff #OperaNOLA
  • We’ll be following the hashtag closely and will randomly reward people for participating with tickets, opera keepsakes, etc.

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Just One Word.

Our Ambassadors are all members of the New Orleans Opera Chorus. When asked to describe the feeling of performing with the New Orleans Opera, here’s what they said:

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