“It will be such a joy to see our colleagues again and join in music! “

From VICKI MORAN: I am a devoted 26 year member of the New Orleans Opera Chorus. My enjoyment and love of the opera has grown and expanded over all of those years.  The joy I have experienced is not only for the love of singing, learning, meeting, and sharing music with excellent and dedicated singers, I have especially enjoyed the incredible group of colleagues with whom I have shared music and deep friendships. Our production and vocal leadership in Carol Rausch, Robert Lyall and all of the opera staff has been superb and fun!  Let’s keep offering music to the New Orleans community!

She provided this update recently to Chorus Master, Carol Rausch:

Hope all is well as we all adjust in these difficult times.  Praying that a season will happen for NOLA Opera — I’ve been listening to the Met Evening Streaming performances and hoping that their streams will grow into new performances, and that NOLA will as well. It will be such a joy to see our colleagues again and join in music!  And, for you, I hope that Chautauqua will continue for you.  What a reprieve that would be, and what a joy for your students!  I feel so bad for those kids who lost out on their senior year recitals and the last days to be together.  Just sad for all — faculty, kids, families, friends.  Enough complaining.  Look forward to a season with Butterfly (my preference — I’ve gone from a Geisha to a peasant, but whatever it will be fun if selected! Love to you, and thank you for all of your very hard work to keep us all glued together! God Bless and Love,