School Performances

We offer a variety of performances for your school or educational center and can create custom performances and programming as needed.

September through May – bookings dependent on artists’ availability


Opéra Creole Artistic Director Givonna Joseph’s engaging program for grades PK through 12 is designed for piano and voice.  A solo performer will explore a kaleidoscope of African and African-American songs, storytelling, poetry, and spirituals. The program also includes selections from both the Broadway stage and opera. This program is also suitable for adult audiences.

GOALS: A Celebration in Song exposes children and adults to the rich cultural heritage and music of New Orleans and beyond.  It is typically presented as a supplement to the black history month curriculum content for elementary and secondary students.

Hansel and Gretel – Grades Pre-K – 5 & Family groups

Our delightful adaptation of this classic favorite for grades PK – 5 introduced thousands of children to opera and continues to enchant new audiences. The fully staged and costumed reenactment of the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale is a perennial favorite.

GOALS: This 50 minute piece is adapted from the Engelbert Humperdinck opera of the same title, and artists are available for a live question and answer session immediately following the performance.  The opera parallels the storyline of the original folk story, which serves an important literacy connection for the targeted grades.

Little Red Riding Hood – Grades Pre-K – 6/Family groups

This fully-staged and costumed touring opera, is designed for grades PK- 6 schoolchildren and also contains humor that parents and teachers will appreciate. The Wolf, the Woodsman, Mother and Grandmother are hilarious re-creations of the classic storybook characters. The title character is wise beyond her years and has a LOT of surprises in store for the not-so-wily wolf.

GOALS: This 44 minute piece was composed for elementary students and artists are available for a live question and answer session immediately following the performance.  The “safety first” aspect of the storyline, which emphasizes that children should not speak to strangers, is instructive and valuable – especially for younger elementary grades – yet it does not detract from the comedy and musical variety!