School Programming

We offer a variety of educational programs for your school or learning center and create custom curriculum as needed and programs are available for booking from September through May.


We offer students in middle and high school the opportunity to build operas from traditional or original storylines. These are based upon original plays that are written and performed by students or other dramatic or popular literature. The sky is the limit! This program is most suitable for grades 6-12.

GOALS: Build An Opera gives students the opportunity to add musical subtext and original melodies to pre-prepared theatrical presentations.  Students acquire confidence in public speaking, as they enhance and augment their performance capabilities.


We give students in grades 3 through 5 the opportunity to add poetry-slam components and hip-hop moves to operatic and musical theater works. Hip-Hopera is a process-oriented class that combines song, story and choreography; thus sessions typically range from three to five weeks. The program includes a performance component at the end of the workshops, and the performance will be presented for peers, parents, teachers and administrators.

GOALS:  Within a contemporary and popular artistic medium, students gain social skills and performing confidence in music and dance.


Students in grades 4 through 6 are given the opportunity to prepare and perform opera and dance excerpts within specific multi-cultural situations and contexts.  Current programs include the Habanera for marimbas and voice as well as Caribbean music in modern jazz folk songs.

GOALS:  This program is based upon specialized curriculum designs in geography, social studies and histories of non-Western cultures. Musical and dance components with voices and indigenous instruments of the respective cultures comprise the culminating class exercise.


Advanced High School voice and choral students, grades 9-12 sing individual (solo) selections which are coached by our guest artists and staff.

GOALS:  Students explore the stylistic nuances and performance practices based upon pre-prepared vocal selections.  This is especially useful for students who are preparing selections for contests, collegiate auditions, recitals, opera or musical theater roles, or summer programs.


We offer musicology (music-history) master classes for high school students (grades 9-12) with a five day-seminar series.  Students gain a historical perspective to further their understanding of the opera they will attend for individual Student Night Out Performances. The cost for the five-day seminar is $250.00.

GOALS:  This program is specifically designed to create historical, cultural and musical context for Student Night Out performances. This allows the students who attend the performances to gain a comprehensive understanding of geopolitical and/or sociological events that occurred during the opera composer’s lifetime. We also explore specific musical genres and artistic trends that occurred during the time-frame of the opera.