Opera at Home

“Sing Out Strong: Decolonized Voices”

The online performance options during the COVID-19 Pandemic have been coming at us fast and furious! Most outlets are learning as they go (and I’m sure you will agree that some are far superior than others.) But even the less than professionally produced videos and streams offer us all a connection to something we long for – a live performance. We’ve seen living rooms and kitchens inside homes of some of our favorite personalities and I for one, find that utterly charming. This next one I have signed up for is coming to us on the Zoom platform from White Snake Projects. If you want to be a part of the audience, you have to sign up before it begins. Click here to read more and sign-up. Maybe I’ll see you in on the internet!

Thanks! Janet

FROM WBUR: “Sing Out Strong: Decolonized Voices” comes out during a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted immigrants. At immigration detention facilities, coronavirus cases have quickly risen. Furthermore, many undocumented immigrants are working frontline jobs for low pay. While the opera is free, Jacobs is directing donations to the Boston International Newcomers Academy. The public high school services new immigrant students, with many English language learners. The students played an important role in last year’s “Sing Out Strong” and helped with this year’s opera as well. “I go into the school and I work with the students on writing lyrics and we talk about the themes,” Jacobs said. “This year, the panel selected five of the lyrics…written by these students, by these new immigrants students so it’s really, really exciting for us all.” Jacobs is directing donations to the school in hopes of supporting education opportunities for immigrants.