Thank You!

Thank you to our 20-21 Early Bird Season Subscribers!

In this time of uncertainty, there are many things that remain unknown. But here’s what I know for sure: without you, the New Orleans Opera would be in peril. Your quick actions to renew your opera subscription and to show your support for our efforts to sustain our beloved company during this pandemic are, simply put, inspiring.

Clare Burovac, General Director

Ms. Jo-Ann C. Adams

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth N. Adatto

Doug and Mary Albert

Mrs. Mathe Allain

Mr. and Mrs. Allain C. Andry III

Mr. and Mrs. John Ariail

Ms. Paula Armbruster

Mrs. Sara P. Attaya

Mr. Wayne Aucoin

Ms. Betty Albert Avery

Ms. Karen Babin

Mrs. Ann Babington

Mr. Gary Bair

Ms. Susan M. Barrosse

Ms. Penny Baumer

Jerry W. Zachary* and Henry Bernstein

Dr. Martha J. Beveridge

Mr. and Mrs. Dale C. Biggers

Mr. and Mrs. William Bivens

Ms. Linda B. Brasset

Mr. Peter R. Brigandi Jr.

Drs. Andrea and Archie Brown

Mrs. Jerry A. Brown

Ms. Georgia M. Bryant

Mr. Byrd M. Buffington, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. I. Emett Burnett Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cadow

Dr. Robert J. Cangelosi

Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Capritto

Amy L. Carbonette-Cioll

Ms. Dianne L. Caverly

Mr. Vance Ceaser

Mrs. Loredana Chapman

Mr. R. Levich and Ms. C. Chase

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Christian

Mr. William G. Clark

Judith Clay

Mr. Donald M. Clement

Mr. Charles H. Coates Jr.

Mr. William C. Coe Jr.

Dr. Kellene Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Guy B. Corbett

Dr. Raquel Cortina

Dr. William T. Cotton

Mr. Matthew Cowan

Jean-Louis Cozic

Mr. Arthur A. Crais Jr.

Ms. Dana Cruthirds

Ms. Susan Danielson

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Davidson

Ms. Daniele Denis

Ms. Laura J. Donnaway

Dr. Dianna Douglas

Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Dupin

Dr. Jean-Farere Dyer

Mr. Wendell Eatherly

Mr. and Mrs. Elroy W. Eckhardt

Ms. Carol Etter

Ms. Deborah Jan Fagan

Ms. Debra L. Fagnano

Barbara Ferguson

Ms. Celia Foard

Prof. Robert Force

Mr. John Ford

Rev. Peggy Foreman

Dr. and Mrs. J.M. Fortino

Laura Franklin

Ms. Lori Freehling

Mr. and Mrs. John Guapp

Mr. Emmet Geary Jr

Mr. Michael Giafagleone

Ms. Joanna Giorlando

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Gordon

Dr. Larry Gray

Ms. Amanda Green

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Grumich

Ms. Merle Guerin

Brian and Darlene Guillot

Mr. James C. Gulotta, Jr. and Mrs. Susan Talley

Ms. Jessica Hack

Mr. Charles Hadley

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Halbert

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Hanemann Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Seth Harris

Sharon Hayes

Ms. Adrea D. Heebe

Mr. Raymond A. Heitger

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hemphill

Ms. Deborah Henton

Ms. Barbara G. Hightower

Ms. Lila Hogan

Mr. and Mrs. Don Wayne Hoppens

Mr. and Mrs. John Howland

Dr. Jean Y. Hurley

Mrs. Linda Ibert

Mr. and Mrs. Erik F. Johnsen

Hon. Bernette Johnson

Mr. Arthur M. Kastler

Ms. Patricia Kennedy

Ms. Ruth E. Kennedy

Elizabeth & James Landis

Dr. Cynthia Langford

Mr. and Mrs. V. Price LeBlanc Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. LeBreton III

Mr. Donald I. Levy

Maline and Ronald Berenger

Mr. Dwayne O. Littauer

Mr. John Lombardo

Dr. William M. Long

Mrs. Kathleen C. Lorenz

Mrs. Jacquelyn Lothschuetz

Ms. Isley Lundgren

Mr. Michael Lyons

Mrs. S. Ann Mahorner

Ms. Kathleen A. Manning

Ms. Joanne Mantis

Mr. Anthony Marino

Ms. Nancy K. Marks

Ms. Patricia P. Marse

Mrs. Charlene G. Marsiglia

Mr. Edward F. Martin

Mrs. Stanley Marx

Mona Mathius

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Mattei

Ms. Barbara Smith Maumus

Mary Maygarden

Mr. and Mrs. James McCarty

Ms. Tanya Mennear

Mrs. David H. Mielke

Karen and Frank Milanese

Ms. Sonja Mistretta

Drs. Emel Songu and Ranney Mize

Ms. Cynthia Molyneux

J. Edgar Monroe Foundation

Ms. Sonya K. Moore

Mr. Benjamin H. Motion

Ms. Kristyn Murray

Mr. Wm and Dr. C. Murray

Ms. Rachel Nettles

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Nye

Dr. and Mrs. Henry D.H. Olinde

Mr. and Mrs. John Olinde

Ms. Rita Olmo

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Otts

Dr. and Mrs. Vernon V. Palmer

Ms. Sophia G. Pappas

Mrs. Ivonne Patin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Patout

Dr. and Mrs. John T. Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. Rawley M. Penick III

Mr. Diego Ernesto Perez Ramos

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Pettit Jr

Gerald & Patricia Price

Dr. Carolyn Clawson Prickett

Ms. Beverly Rainey

Mr. Robert Redfearn

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Reeves

Ms. Sally E. Richards

Ms. Sally Richardson and Mr. Ronald J. Scalise Jr.

Ms. Diana Ricou-Smith

Mr. Robert Rivard

Ms. Kathleen Robert

Ms. Lillian Samardzija

Prof. Cynthia A. Samuel

Mr. George Sanchez Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Satawa

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Scariano Jr.

Ms. Helen L. Schneidau

Mr. Stanley Schwam

Mr. and Mrs. Leopold Z. Sher

Ms. Sarah Simpkins

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Sims

Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Sinor Jr.

Dr. Kristi Soileau

Mrs. Louise J. Sonnier

Mrs. Jacqueline Sperier

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Stacey IV

Susan Stephens

Mr. John Christopher Stewart

Ms. Diana Stieffel

Hugh Straub

Mrs. Mihoko Strong

Mrs. Phyllis M. Taylor

Beth L. Terry

Olivier & Ghyslaine Thelin

Mr. Kyner Thorne Jr.

Ms. Charlotte A. Throop

Patricia Traina

Mrs. Catherine Burns Tremaine

Dr. and Mrs. Peter M. Tufton

Hon. Janis van Meerveld

Dr. Virginia Vehaskari

Ms. Mignonne Volterre

Mr. Raymond Washington

Jo Watkins

Jennifer Webber

Mrs. Dorothy Weisler

Ms. Carmelite Wellman

Ms. Regina Wilemon

Mrs. Andrea J. Wilkes

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Willeford

Kathleen Williams

Ms. Patricia Williamson

Ms. Elizabeth Wilson

Dr. Neil Wolfson

Ms. Debby Hirsch Wood

Mr. Joseph Young Jr. and Dr. Aysen Young