Lera Auerbach’s unique acapella opera is based on a haunting play of Flemish Symbolist writer Maurice Maeterlinck. A group of blind patients have been led into the forest by their priest who guided them there to enjoy the last rays of sun before the winter. Realizing that they have gone too far, the priest tells them to wait while he seeks food and help. In their frustration and helplessness, they pray for forgiveness and salvation, but the tension mounts inexorably when they discover the cold body of the priest who has died among them.
There are more questions than answers in this fascinating opera and each listener can decide on their own interpretation. Is it a metaphor for our lives, our religions, or our own blindness? In our “immersive theater” production, you will experience the heightened sensory perception of joining the cast of sightless individuals as you enter the forest with them.