The New Orleans Opera Association’s Wood Operatic Advancement Grant

The Wood Operatic Advancement Grant (the “WOAG”), a branch of the New Orleans Opera Association’s Donald W. Wood Sr. Vocal Competition (the “Wood Competition”), provides financial assistance to the winners of the Wood Competition to help them in pursuit of their career in the performance area of opera while studying in college or post-graduate studies. The WOAG was the idea of Phyllis Treigle, the Vocal Music Chair at the New Orleans Center of Creative Arts and set in motion by Debby Hirsch Wood (the Founder and Director of the Wood Competition).

The Grant is open only to winners (first, second, or honorable mention) of the Donald W. Wood Sr. Vocal Competition.

The purpose to which the grant will be applied is for expenses relating to the pursuit of the Wood Competition winners’ career in opera performance whether in college or post-graduate studies.

Expenses may include (but are not limited to) travel and related expenses for auditions, coaching, out-of-town studies, performances, college/post-college expenses, meals, or any and all expenses related in pursuit of their degree or career in opera performance. 

The WOAG is solely for the purpose of promoting up-and-coming opera performers.

  • Applications will be accepted for the Fall/Winter WOAG no later than midnight, September 30.   
  • The Fall/Winter WOAG period runs August 1 through January 31.
  • Applications will be accepted for the Spring/Summer WOAG no later than midnight, February 15.
  • The Spring/Summer period runs February 1 through July 31.

A team (chosen by the Director of the WOAG) from the New Orleans Opera Association (the “Team”) will decide recipient(s) of The Grant. The Team will announce the recipient(s) shortly after applications are reviewed and decisions made by the Team.

Any misrepresentation on the application or abuse of stipulation during funding period is cause for disqualification without benefit of appeal.

For more information please contact:

If given this grant, you will need to submit a follow-up brief email to the Founder and Director of The Grant on how the grant empowered you to pursue your operatic vocal career. Your email will be used by the New Orleans Opera Association/Donald W. Wood Sr. Vocal Competition.

You may contact Ms. Wood at (504) 931-3608 with any questions.