Opera on Wheels Coming Soon!

When we got the phone call from Opera on Tap Headquarters asking to partner with their newest creation, the answer was a resounding “Yes!”

The pandemic has shuttered so many outlets that we all took for granted. World-wide, the performing arts community has experienced significant economic setbacks from Covid-19 and the effects are profound. But creativity is at the core of our industry and the innovation during the shutdown has been inspiring.

We are so happy to introduce The OPERACADE to New Orleans. Inspired by the Zoltar machine at Coney Island, it is designed to pay tribute to our many opera and classical music artists who are currently and for the foreseeable future unable to perform inside for live audiences. The OPERACADE also creates a unique public performance venue and mobile public art installation that is sure to put a smile on the faces of everyone that crosses its path.

A Partnership Between Opera on Tap and New Orleans Opera

The OPERACADE, created and designed by Opera on Tap HQ is being built here in New Orleans at the H. Lloyd Hawkins Scenic Studio. The prototype is complete with more coming soon!

To read more about the project visit the Opera on Tap website here and then stay tuned! There is more on the horizon for The OPERACADE.

The Team

Todd Perlmutter, Co-creator

Ramona Ponce, Co-creator

Anne Hiattt, Co-creator

Keith Christopher, Technical Director

Nathan Arthur, Scenic Painter

Video featuring tenor Casey Candebat

Video by Dylan Trần