“…we feel so blessed!!”

JULIANA STARR, mezzo, who is one of the choristers who started with us right after Katrina, since she had moved here from Memphis (she sang with the Opera Chorus of that city’s company!) to start a new teaching job at UNO in fall 2005. She is currently a professor of French and Coordinator of Foreign Language Programs at UNO.

She provided this update recently to Chorus Master, Carol Rausch:

It’s good you got the letter.  Yes, my Dad passed in December 2016, but my Mom is 92 and living in a wonderful senior facility in Clive, IA, where there is no COVID, thank goodness. It is also a miracle that this fall she moved to memory care and has a ground floor room with three windows. My brother visits with her through the window (shows her photos and videos of her great- grandchild) and fills her bird feeder on a regular basis. This summer, I will drive to Des Moines and visit with her through the window, if that is still the situation. It is one of the very few rooms in the facility that is accessible in this way (until this fall she was on third floor) so we feel so blessed!! Take care,