Spring 2021 Donor Listing




Mr. Edward F. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Erik F. Johnsen


Platinum Circle ($25,000+)

Jay Gulotta and Susan Talley

Meredith Hathorn & Rawley M. Penick III 

Mr. J. Robert Pope* 

Drs. Emel Songu & Ranney Mize


Gold Circle ($10,000+)
The Maestro Circle

Mrs. Adelaide Wisdom Benjamin

Drs. Nicolas & Haydee Bazan

Mr. Arthur A. Crais Jr.

Mr. Emmet Geary Jr.

Ms. Adrea D. Heebe 

Mr. and Mrs. V. Price LeBlanc Jr.

Mr. Dwayne O. Littauer

Mr. Jonathan McCall

Prof. Cynthia A. Samuel

Karen and Leopold Sher

Mrs. Catherine Burns Tremaine

Drs. Rand & Terry Voorhies

Mr. and Mrs. James Willeford

Mr. Joseph Young Jr. & Dr. Aysen Young

Jerry W. Zachary* & Henry Bernstein


Sustaining ($7,500+)

Mr. Peter R. Brigandi Jr.

Mr. Vance Ceaser

Professor Robert Force

Pauline & Allain Hardin

Mr. Donald I. Levy

Ms. Sonya Moore

Ms. Ann Owens



Mr.* and Mrs. Herschel Abbott

Ms. Jo-Ann Ciolino Adams

Doug and Mary Albert

Ms. Penny Baumer

Mrs. Betty T. Brooks

Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Capritto

Dr. & Mrs. Charles L. Dupin

Mr. Tim L. Fields

Rania and Hicham Khodr

Mrs. Louise H. Moffett

Jane & William Sizeler

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Stacey IV

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Charles Stahel

Eleanor & Philip Straub


Special acknowledgement to Mr. Joseph Young Jr. for founding the Mastersigners in 1981.